miércoles, 2 de diciembre de 2009

Assignment 7, report

To: Mrs Bustos
From: Soledad Ulloa
Date: 2 November 2009
Subject: A Place for meeting in our university.


This report is written to analyse the creation of a new common classroom in our university for students when they are not in class.The student union and I have been making surveys and checking the idea.
A new common room:
There are many good places in the university but some of them are not very well making the most of. For example, its small courtyard where students use for playing ping-pong, whereas to use it for a more important purpose. There you can not study or you can not practice your english. However, there are some reasons that may be taken into account.

1.To get a new common room. It could be near of the library or the casino because this way, students will find it easy to access.
2.To establish one exclusive students’ zone for practicing the english language and having a coffe break.
3.To consider the necessary implemmention for the room. such as: radio, computer with internet access and some comfortable furnitures.

We would like to consider the following ideas as well. So that to improve the university educational services. Here are the results of the students’ opinion.

Yours faithfully
Soledad Ulloa.

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