miércoles, 2 de diciembre de 2009

Assignment 7, report

To: Mrs Bustos
From: Soledad Ulloa
Date: 2 November 2009
Subject: A Place for meeting in our university.


This report is written to analyse the creation of a new common classroom in our university for students when they are not in class.The student union and I have been making surveys and checking the idea.
A new common room:
There are many good places in the university but some of them are not very well making the most of. For example, its small courtyard where students use for playing ping-pong, whereas to use it for a more important purpose. There you can not study or you can not practice your english. However, there are some reasons that may be taken into account.

1.To get a new common room. It could be near of the library or the casino because this way, students will find it easy to access.
2.To establish one exclusive students’ zone for practicing the english language and having a coffe break.
3.To consider the necessary implemmention for the room. such as: radio, computer with internet access and some comfortable furnitures.

We would like to consider the following ideas as well. So that to improve the university educational services. Here are the results of the students’ opinion.

Yours faithfully
Soledad Ulloa.

miércoles, 25 de noviembre de 2009

Crime and Environment review

The term School shooting most commonly describes acts committed by either a students from outside the school campus. In the United Stated, one of the most prominent school shootings was that at Columbine High School, Colorado. In 1999 two students murdered thirteen people on the school campus before they committed suicide.
In my opinion the schools shooting have had a political impact spurring some to press for more stringent gun control law.

Perjury is the wilful and corrupt taking of a false oath in regard to a material matter in a judicial proceeding.
Perjury is considered a serious offensive as it can be used to usurp the power of the courts, resulting in miscarriages of justices.
By the way, famous people who have been accused such as Bill Clinton and Lewinsky `s testimony differ, it must be Clinton who is lying.

There are generally three different types of burglars. The professional, the semi-professional and the amateur. They are often male teenagers who live near your home.
Burglars know that the key to success is planning. The semi-professional burglar may scout a neighbourhood for up to a week, while the amateur burglar will spend only a few hours, casing a residence.
By the way, ordinary people can help in the fight against crime such as to be part of the community and work together with the authority.

miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2009

Formal transactional letters

Dear Sir or Madam,
I have some complaints about your report about demonstration. In this Monday I`ve just read the newspaper report about an event, I got impression that you did not write all the information besides is incorrect.

Firstly, the protesters claimed for the construction of the road and the extinction of the snails but also about the destruction of woodland.

Secondly, the amount of people gathered there were about 2,000 not 200 how was indicated in the report.

In addition to this, the protesters were chanting slogans but the correct was a silent demonstration.

Another aspect when you refered to the”troublemarkers” as unemployed youngsters. This is not true because many of them were local residents.

Particulary, I feel I have the necessity to write because the people need to know the real true.
I am available for any interview at any time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,
Soledad Ulloa

miércoles, 11 de noviembre de 2009

Environmental Survey

1.Do you consider yourself as a ecological person?

2.Do you think people are unconscious about environmental problems?

3.In your country does it exist environmental groups that fight against environmental disasters?

4.Do you believe that recycling is a good option to care the planet?

5.Some companies have to take part in environmental campaigns. What do you think about this?

6.Which problems are there in your country? Mention them.

7.What do you think about “ the global warming” and What damages have produced in your country?

8.Do you know that in Chile exists laws that fight against the animal hunting and the forest deforestation?

9.In the supermarket they give you plastic bags that contaminate. Must that
situation change? Explain your reasons.

10.Would you like to be a part of an ecological group?

martes, 3 de noviembre de 2009

What can ordinary people do to help the fight against the crime?

Crimes from antiquity time have been a long problem by society so far. Nowadays, for the society and other country is a priority to keep the order in the streets and the security for people, but it is not sufficient.

To change this situation neighbours have taken the decision to formed one committee in order to discuss the problem that affect their community. One resolve was building bars of solid iron into fence and door in the entrance of neighbourhood. This could be a good way to protect them against looting, steal or attack.
By the way other resident have imitated this measure of protection and also the authority have support this initiative to give them the necessary money and measure of security such as major number of police surroundings.

On the other hand, to apply the sanctions for the crimes and damage that criminals have provoked. Moreover, the victims have said that about laws the only thing that works is the injustice. Do you think it is correct to apply death sentence to criminal who have stolen and kill someone or you think they deserved a lower sentence such as the life imprisonment?
I think that the laws must be hard and with respect to apply death sentence will be a measure to reduce the crimes in our society and the futures criminal are going to think twice before killing..

Finally, what for many people can be correct or incorrect to apply death sentence. They will have a reason and their opinion is respectful

In conclusion, ordinary people can help in the fight against crime such as to report a crime, to be part of the community and work together with the committees and the authority.

jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009


It should be illegal for parent to hit their children.

Nowadays, most children still living maltreat in their home. Some parents recognize that at least once they have hit to the children. No matter hurt physical or psychological that produce.
Some parents can´t control themselves causing death of their own children. Personally, I think that they lose their reason and they believe that is a good way to teach.

Anyway, some parents are authoritarian, too much strict and resolve problem punishment and these people need some treatment psychological how also their family.
In Chile there are many institution that help to them. Moreover UNICEF is a world organization that protecting the vulnerable(children).

Finally, is the wrong way that parent to hit their children and the violence do not lead anything.

In conclusion, children to take care and protect to them.

Part 1

Dear Helen Ryan,

I writing to express my thanks of have won this amazing price.I`m very happy to visit the campsite because It´s a great opportunity to have two week holidays.
I've had study and work and I need a spend more time for myself.

I would like to go next friday because these week I don't have to work.
Anyway, you know I like the nature, landscape, so I´d prefer to be in a tent rather than cabins.
Anyway, you told me about some sports or activities to do there, so I would like climbing. I know it´s a type of sport that anyone can practice and it´s great.

Furthermore, I would like to know some details for travel. What type of clothing do I have to pack because I don´t know if it rains or make a cold.

Well, that`s all from me. I hope to get information soon for to prepar to the flight.

Yours faithfully
Soledad Ulloa.